How honest is Alibaba’s 11/11 sales figure of 163 billion RMB?

We can see from the latest statistics that on 11/11 singles day Alibaba declared 163.8 billion in transactions. This is record breaking but are the numbers too good to be true? As an avid buyer on the alibaba’s T-mall platform, I was in the market for buying some air pollution masks. Concerned about the article…

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Fake products in China 2017, Should we be worried?

China is well known on the global stage for producing goods that copy or imitate iconic brands. Take this video for example. Here is a 2017 video taken recently inside an old factory in Dongguan, China. This factory was found to be creating, packaging and selling fake Budweiser for distribution in the mainland. Here is another…

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M&M’s store closing down in Shanghai

On the 15th April 2017 M&M’s In Shanghai on the famous Nanjing east road (南京西路) will be closing down for a 1 year “renovation”. This is apparently at the request of the mall which it is a part of named Bailian World Luxury Mall (百联世茂广场). Across the store prices have been slashed by up to…

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