How to get discounts on Eleme is a popular food ordering app in China, with the help of a chinese friend you can set it up in no time and start ordering food direct to your door. All you need is a wechat/alipay account to pay with online and your food delivery address registered in Trust me, it is worth the 5 minutes of stress.

Here I want to show you how to generate bigger discounts from your order. this will make the food you order even cheaper than it would cost if you went to the brick and motar store and ordered personally. I will do this by ordering a delicious burger for lunch. First just scroll through the different types of foods you want, you can just look at the pictures if you don't understand the Chinese. This is the burger of my dreams.

The original price of the burger is 48RMB and deliver would be 5RMB, bringing a total of 53RMB for my lunch. A little bit pricey considering that the average salary in shanghai is 7500RMB a month! How would we ever survive at such a price! I am going to show you the three ways I was able to get a discount on my order.


1. Membership card




A membership card with is 20rmb for one month.  Just look for the Characters that I have translated at the top and click on them(饿了么会员卡). Just click the bottom right button on the main screen to find it. If you become a member, This generally makes any delivery of  5RMB become reduced to 1RMB for each purchase. So within a month you only need to order 5x to start saving money. As a busy man who orders 2x a day, this has saved me over 150RMB in the last month.



2. Match your purchase price to the individual shop deals




The shop deals on the bottom of the page tell you how much you need to pay to qualify for a certain deal. In this case if I spend 50RMB I would receive a 10RMB discount. My burger is only 48RMB so I’m 2RMB short. It is strange, but the idea is, if you buy more you pay less. So in this case I look for the cheapest item on the menu (Spinach) for 6rmb. I add that to the burger making the total of 54RMB. As I nowhave spent over 50RMB, I qualify for the 10RMB discount,making the cost of the burger comes to 44RMB. A good start to quality cost saving!



3. Use your points to buy coupons

Every time I buy food, I leave a review. You do not need Chinese for this, you can just select the number of stars you want to give the company and click OK (the green box on the bottom right). will then gift you with points based on your purchase.

The points are based on how much you spent on food at that individual establishment. You can use these point to get discounts coupons. First you need to press the bottom right button on the main screen again, then press the red button below your green points total. I have a ridiculous amount of points. Don't worry if you can never achieve this level of take-out dominance.  Here there are 2 coupons. One gives 15RMB off if you spend over 100RMB, another gives a 7RMB discount if you spend over 50RMB. Although the 15RMB off 100RMB purchases is a fantastic deal, unfortunately, I rarely go over this princely sum. I settle for the 7RMB coupon, content like a Burger king. (terrible joke)


After selecting this 7RMB red packet, it is time to add this to the final order screen. I need to select the one I want and go through the process or purchasing, even without Chinese, this should be pretty straightforward.







Now you have access to this "hongbao" (红包) or red packet as they say in English, you will need to select it from the menu of your bill. then simply select the one you just bought In this case our red packet was 7RMB.








Now I can combine all 3 discounts together, saving a total of 21RMB. It is indeed a crazy world where buying online, ordering extra, and having the food delivered to your door is much cheaper than actually going into the place and buying it yourself. But that's the way the cookie crumbles!  This kind of technology is the future, and savvy spending will keep your accumulated wealth exactly where it belongs; in your bank account.

Now go ahead brave soldiers. You are now armed with the power of knowledge. Go forth and source those deep discounts!

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